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Capital Business Solutions offers a wide variety of business opportunities for sale across various industries. Interested in any of our business listings? Contact us for more information.


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ID Description of Business Opportunity Asking Price State Link
3879 Transmission Repair Shop for Sale in Broward County, FL $699,917 FL View
3878 Casters and Material Handling Distributor $2,800,000 FL View
3877 High Quality Furniture Consignment Store $180,000 FL View
3876 Region 3 (Including The Villages ) Nurse Registry Home Health Care, Licenses and Contracts including Medicaid $49,918 FL View
3875 Motorcycle Shop $280,000 FL View
3874 Customized bar stools and household furniture $400,000 FL View
3873 Upscale Beauty Salon Palm Beach County Florida $210,000 FL View
3872 Under Contract Medical Courier Business For Sale in Miami $2,500,000 FL View
3871 SOLD-Established Retail Pool Supply store with Pool Route $795,000 FL View
3870 SOLD High End Automotive Repair $1,299,918 FL View
3869 SOLD-Florida Retail Pharmacy License For Sale with Medicaid and Major Insurance Contracts $120,000 FL View
3868 Established Entertainment Booking Company – REMOTE, only 25 hours per week – CONTRACT PENDING $249,918 FL View
3867 SOLD Precision Parts Manufacturer for Firearms $799,000 FL View
3866 SOLD Self Storage Business with Real Estate $13,000,000 -1 View
3865 SOLD Lawn Mower Repairs $2,500,000 FL View
3863 Accredited Online Real Estate School for Sale in Florida $1,850,000 FL View
3862 30+ Year Plumbing Business with Solid Clientele Base $650,000 FL View
3860 Currently off market FedEx P&D 6 Day Operation in MS. with Manager in place. $375,000 MS View
3859 Currently off market FedEx P&D 8 Truck Operation Southeast Michigan, MI. with Manager in place. $625,000 MI View
3858 Salon Suites for Sale in Davie, Florida – Sale of Assets $150,000 FL View
3857 Multi-State Pharmacy – Licensed In 45 States. Opportunity for expedited growth and expansion $1,499,918 FL View
3856 SOLD-Retail Pharmacy License For Sale with Major Insurance Contracts $150,000 FL View
3852 Established FedEx P&D Operation with manager in DFW ***ON HOLD*** $615,000 TX View
3851 SOLD Boutique Beauty Salon $120,000 FL View
3850 Inbound Tourism Business for Sale in New Jersey $1,600,000 NJ View
3849 SOLD-Semi-Absentee FedEx P&D Routes with SBA Lending $1,200,000 GA View
3848 Medical Courier $2,399,999 FL View
3847 Specialty Dress Shop for sale in Texas ***ON HOLD*** $360,000 TX View
3846 36 Year Old Printing Business (Kissimmee FL) $150,000 FL View
3845 Assisted Living, Alzheimer Unit, Dialysis, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Physical Rehab, MRI, Urgen Care $6,480,000 FL View
3844 Autism Treatment Business for Sale in SW Florida $55,000 FL View
3843 French style, premium service beauty salon $290,000 FL View
3841 Window Treatment Business in SW Florida (SOLD) $175,000 FL View
3840 Industrial engineering group B2B automotive, aeronautic sector in Europe $10,000,000 -1 View
3839 Meat & Poultry Broker / Trader / Exporter to Caribbean Countries with ~$18m Gross Revenue. QoE (as of 11/2023) Confirmed ~$660k EBITDA. $1,999,918 FL View
3838 Multi-State Pharmacy – Licensed In 50 States. Opportunity for fast growth – SOLD $1,699,917 FL View
3837 Billiards Parlor / Pool Hall for Sale In Pembroke Pines with Darts, Bar Food – Sale of Assets $175,000 FL View
3836 Auto Repair Facility with Real Estate- CONTRACT PENDING $2,000,000 FL View
3835 Profitable, High-End Furniture Store in South Florida for Sale $165,000 FL View
3829 SOLD – 18-yr-old P&C Insurance Agency in South Florida for sale! $675,000 FL View
3824 House Sitting / Condo Sitting / Condo Watching Business in South Florida – SOLD $319,918 FL View
3823 SOLD – Established Flower Shop in the FL Tri-County Area $39,000 FL View
3819 SOLD-Florida State Certified Electrical Contractor founded in 2002 $799,000 FL View
3818 Growing FedEx P&D Routes for Sale near New Orleans – Off Market $1,300,000 LA View
3814 Paint and Sip E-Studio $40,000 FL View
3799 Holding Company – SOLD $5,200,000 FL View
3793 Wholesale Distribution Drop-ship Company Selling Wellness Equipment – TEMP OFF MARKET $1,996,918 NV View
3791 Established Metal Fabrication Business for Sale in South Florida CURRENTLY OFF MARKET $1,575,000 FL View
3778 Amazon Carrier and Interchange Agreement $75,000 FL View
3764 $4.04m Adjusted EBITDA Beauty Device Company – CONTRACT PENDING $28,926,918 FL View
3750 Home Medical Equipment SOLD $249,000 FL View
3746 Flooring Contractor with Management in place. 35yrs in business, $ 9.4m+ of confirmed projects started Q4 2022. QoE passed 11/14/22 with $839k TTM EBITDA. $2,799,918 FL View
3739 Covid-resistant home based Tenant Screening and Employment Screening, upward trending – SOLD $698,998 FL View
3733 Profitable Cabinet and Counter Top Business $750,000 FL View
3726 Nuclear radioactivity detectors manufacture & distributor TEMPORARY OFF MARKET $1,200,000 FL View
3725 Commercial Labels Madrid solid manufacturer $800,000 FL View
3722 SOLD-Plumbing Contractor $399,000 FL View
3707 SOLD-Primary Care Medical Practice – Massachusetts $2,250,000 MA View
3706 Caulking and Water Proofing Business $250,000 FL View
3699 Automotive metal parts manufacturer Europe $0 AL View
3698 Wholesale Import Distributor Business for Sale in Alabama – Consumer Goods and Novelty Items $5,000,000 AL View
3695 Day Spa / Med Spa Business for Sale in Broward County, FL $650,000 FL View
3694 Food distribution in Galicia Spain $1,200,000 FL View
3693 SOLD-LED Technology and Energy Conservation $7,500,000 FL View
3680 ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Therapy Franchise Business for Sale $450,000 FL View
3678 Recycling & Shredding confidential documents Plant SPAIN $700,000 FL View
3657 Artificial Turf Franchise Business for Sale in Atlanta, GA $110,000 GA View
3654 SOLD-FedEx P&D routes ISP Complaint Southeast Florida $825,000 FL View
3603 High End Euro and Exotic Auto Repair Shop, Real Estate included in Broward County – SOLD $1,299,926 FL View
3569 SOLD-Established Physical Therapy Clinic in Palm Beach County $595,000 FL View
3565 Convenience Stores for Sale in Fort Myers $682,000 FL View
3562 SOLD-Barber Shop with Good Cash Flow $110,000 FL View
3520 SOLD-Marine Electronics Repair and Installation $1,195,000 FL View
3466 Beachfront Caribbean Hotel w/ restaurant and pool SOLD $2,800,000 FL View
3459 Residential, Commercial and Industrial Painting Co Price Reduction, Health Issues SOLD $150,000 NJ View
3448 SOLD-Sales/Distribution Car Care products $495,000 FL View
3448 SOLD_Sales/Distribution Car Care products $495,000 FL View
3446 Established Construction Co. Roofing Specialists $750,000 AL View
3387 Import / Export Trucking Company for Sale in Broward County, FL $60,000 FL View
3374 Thriving Seafood Restaurant for Sale in Alabama – Asset Sale $695,000 AL View
3219 Cleaning Service…Profitable & Award Winning $50,000 TN View
3219 Cleaning Service…Profitable & Award Winning $50,000 TN View
3210 SOLD – TURNKEY 33 FedEx Routes in MD $3,200,000 MD View
3099 Commercial Building For Sale in Brazil – Fully Leased $18,200,000 FL View
27205 SOLD Mobile and Modular Home Repair Service $60,000 FL View
Business Listing Count = 87