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1.Buyer Interview Worksheet.docDownload
2.NCNDA between two businesses.docDownload
3.NCNDA for Buyer prospect.docDownload
4.Contingency Removal Form.docDownload
5.Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement.docDownload
6.Buyer – 20 tips to buying a business.docDownload
7.Co-Broker Agreement Listing Broker.docxDownload
8.Co-Broker Agreement Selling Broker.docxDownload
9.Letter of Intent.docDownload
10a.Business Evaluation Spreadsheet.xlsDownload
10b.Buyer & Seller Sanity Test for Franchise Sub Shop.xlsxDownload
11.Purchase Offer Agreement_All StatesDownload
12.Purchase Offer Contract – Single Page Contract.docDownload
13.Addendum to Purchase Offer Agreement.docDownload
14.Buyer or Seller Referral Agreement.docDownload
15.Release of Escrow w Instructions.docDownload
16.Keys to Success for Main Street Business Brokerage Practices.docDownload
17a.CBS Letterhead for Office.docDownload
17b.CBS Letterhead with Graphic.docDownload
18.Letter to Owner.docDownload
19.Letter to Owner Not Present.docDownload
20.MainStreetBrochure Cover.docDownload
21.MainStreetBrochure Inside.docDownload
22.M&A Seller Brochure.pdfDownload
23.Buyer Presentation.pptDownload
24a.Seller Presentation.pptDownload
24b.End of Presentation Questions.docDownload
25.Buyer – Seller Combo Presentation.pptDownload
26.Wealth Managers Presentation.pptDownload
27.Wealth Manager Presentation II.pptDownload
28.About CBS Short Presentation.pptDownload
29A.Exclusive Listing Agreement ALL_STATES 2022_Empire-CapitalDownload
30.Exclusive Business Listing Contract – Short Version.docDownload
31.Open Business Listing Contract – One Specific Buyer- Short Version.docDownload
32.Addendum to Listing Agreement.docDownload
33.Business Listing Info Worksheet.docDownload
34.Owner Benefit Worksheet ver 1.docDownload
35.Owners Benefit Worksheet ver 2.xlsDownload
36.P&L Template – Small Business.xlsDownload
37.P&L Template – Larger Business.xlsDownload
38.P&L Template -3 Year – Larger Busines with Adjustments.xlsDownload
39.Statement for Services Rendered.docDownload
40.Escrow Disbursement Instructions.docDownload
41.Corporate Resolution to Sell.docDownload
42.Consent of Spouse to Sell.docDownload
43.Consent of Partners to Sell.docDownload
44.Seller Transaction Broker Notice.docDownload
45.Business Sales Process.docDownload
46.CBS Client Reports Checklist.docDownload
47.Listing Process and Sales Process.docxDownload
48.Seller Questionnaire – Long Version.docDownload
49.Seller Questionnaire – Short Version.docDownload
50a.Sample Prospectus Template.pdfDownload
50b.Offering MEMORANDUM Generic.docxDownload
50c.Sample Company Prospectus.docDownload
50d.Sample Confidential Business Review.docxDownload
51.Business Resources.docDownload
52.Template for BVR.docDownload
53.Advantages of CBS.docDownload
54.Key Phrases and Elevator Speech.docDownload
55.Business for Sale Contracts – Understanding Business for Sale Agreements.docDownload
56.Top 10 Tips of Selling Your Business.docDownload
57.When to sell your business.docDownload
58.Selling Out to a Competitor.docDownload
59.Franchise Opportunities vs. Business Opportunities.docDownload
60.How to Buy a Retail Franchise for Sale.docDownload
61.Due Diligence Checklist- GenericDownload
62.Indemnification/Hold Harmless Agreement SellerDownload
63.Agent to Agent Referral – Capital Business SolutionsDownload