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    Jonathan has over 15 years experience as an advisor, small business owner & marketing and operations manager.

    Jonathan began his career at OPIF, an import export company selling products internationally & domestically.  It was at this position he began working with & building relationships with multinational conglomerates. Under Jonathan’s direction, he helped expand the company to 22 new countries, increasing profitability over 300%. His understanding of market dynamics, emerging trends, and unique sales approach led to other businesses seeking his advice.

    Working as an independent advisor, Jonathan aided many companies achieve significant growth, and helped prepare them for successful exits. Working in an advisory capacity, he participated in the sale of multiple business enterprises, after which he realized how much he enjoyed the process. It was at this point that Jonathan transitioned to his full-time role in M&A Advisory and business brokerage. Jonathan’s passion for helping businesses, and understanding of their goals & how to achieve them is what enables him to provide superior services tailored to each client’s specific needs.


    **Note: Most middle-market & lower middle-market transactions Jonathan represents are not publicly advertised, per client request.

    4: Florida — Miami-Dade, 6: Florida — Broward, 7: Florida — Palm Beach Counties




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    IDNameAsking PriceStateLink
    3879Transmission Repair Shop for Sale in Broward County, FL$699,917FLView
    3876Region 3 (Including The Villages ) Nurse Registry Home Health Care, Licenses and Contracts including Medicaid$49,918FLView
    3870SOLD High End Automotive Repair$1,299,918FLView
    3868Established Entertainment Booking Company – REMOTE, only 25 hours per week – CONTRACT PENDING$249,918FLView
    3867SOLD Precision Parts Manufacturer for Firearms$799,000FLView
    3866SOLD Self Storage Business with Real Estate$13,000,000-1View
    3865SOLD Lawn Mower Repairs$2,500,000FLView
    3857Multi-State Pharmacy – Licensed In 45 States. Opportunity for expedited growth and expansion$1,499,918FLView
    3839Meat & Poultry Broker / Trader / Exporter to Caribbean Countries with ~$18m Gross Revenue. QoE (as of 11/2023) Confirmed ~$660k EBITDA.$1,999,918FLView
    3838Multi-State Pharmacy – Licensed In 50 States. Opportunity for fast growth – SOLD$1,699,917FLView
    3824House Sitting / Condo Sitting / Condo Watching Business in South Florida – SOLD$319,918FLView
    3799Holding Company – SOLD$5,200,000FLView
    3793Wholesale Distribution Drop-ship Company Selling Wellness Equipment – TEMP OFF MARKET$1,996,918NVView
    3764$4.04m Adjusted EBITDA Beauty Device Company – CONTRACT PENDING$28,926,918FLView
    3746Flooring Contractor with Management in place. 35yrs in business, $ 9.4m+ of confirmed projects started Q4 2022. QoE passed 11/14/22 with $839k TTM EBITDA.$2,799,918FLView
    3739Covid-resistant home based Tenant Screening and Employment Screening, upward trending – SOLD$698,998FLView
    3603High End Euro and Exotic Auto Repair Shop, Real Estate included in Broward County – SOLD$1,299,926FLView
    3466Beachfront Caribbean Hotel w/ restaurant and pool SOLD$2,800,000FLView