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2. NCNDA between two businesses.doc Download
10a. Business Evaluation Spreadsheet.xls Download
10b. Buyer & Seller Sanity Test for Franchise Sub Shop.xlsx Download
29A. Exclusive Listing Agreement ALL_STATES 2022_Empire-Capital Download
30. Exclusive Business Listing Contract – Short Version.doc Download
31. Open Business Listing Contract – One Specific Buyer- Short Version.doc Download
32. Addendum to Listing Agreement.doc Download
33. Business Listing Info Worksheet.doc Download
34. Owner Benefit Worksheet ver 1.doc Download
35. Owners Benefit Worksheet ver 2.xls Download
36. P&L Template – Small Business.xls Download
37. P&L Template – Larger Business.xls Download
38. P&L Template -3 Year – Larger Busines with Adjustments.xls Download
41. Corporate Resolution to Sell.doc Download
42. Consent of Spouse to Sell.doc Download
43. Consent of Partners to Sell.doc Download
44. Seller Transaction Broker Notice.doc Download
45. Business Sales Process.doc Download
46. CBS Client Reports Checklist.doc Download
47. Listing Process and Sales Process.docx Download
48. Seller Questionnaire – Long Version.doc Download
49. Seller Questionnaire – Short Version.doc Download
61. Due Diligence Checklist- Generic Download
62. Indemnification/Hold Harmless Agreement Seller Download