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    Selling Styles – Finder, Minder, Grinder

    Selling Styles – Finder, Minder, Grinder Different salespeople have different selling styles. Certain styles and approaches succeed in various environments. Assessing your personal sales style can help you maximize your strengths and improve your performance. You’re probably familiar with the concept of “Type A” and “Type B” personalities. The same approach can help identify your […]

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  • The Top Three Major Legal Mistakes to Avoid During a Sale

    The Top Three Major Legal Mistakes to Avoid During a Sale SELLER ARTICLES, SELLER FAQ, SELLING A BUSINESS Source: The business sale process can be complex, which is part of the reason why it makes sense to have expert help in the form of a business broker.  Legal mistakes can be very costly mistakes.  A legal […]

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  • Tips to prepare a business for sale

    TIPS TO PREPARE A BUSINESS FOR SALE By: JEREMY STRETEN Do you know when you want to sell? Are you prepared if something happens to you that may force you to exit your business? Usually the answer to these questions is a resounding ‘no’, writes Jeremy Streten. If you are in business, you are generally doing […]

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  • Why Every Small Business Owner Needs to Start Their Succession Planning Now

    Why Every Small Business Owner Needs to Start Their Succession Planning Now Proper succession planning calls for careful consideration and preparation. By Bob House President, BizBuySell@bizbuysell As business owners approach retirement age, it’s never too soon to outline a succession plan. But retirement is far from the only force pushing proprietors out of ownership. Unexpected life […]

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  • Sell a Business Understanding Confidentiality

    SELL A BUSINESS: UNDERSTANDING CONFIDENTIALITY  General Business Brokerage by It is important to understand the various aspects of confidentiality when it comes to selling a business. This can involve understanding what to disclose and when, and the legal obligations that need to be met by business sellers. Knowing what to disclose and when Knowing what […]

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  • Common Financial Mistakes Business Owners Make Before a Sale and How to Fix Them

    Common Financial Mistakes Business Owners Make Before a Sale — and How to Fix Them Issues with financials can quickly become a roadblock to a successful sale By Bob House President,  BizBuySell@bizbuysell They say there is no better time than the present — and for small business owners looking to exit, now is an especially good time to […]

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  • How Seller Diligence Maximizes Business Value

    How Seller Diligence Maximizes Business Value Jane Johnson Business Transition Academy | October 4, 2018 Late last year, our advisory firm worked with the owners of a family-owned retail chain with more than 20 locations. Our business analysis pinpointed several company strengths — but also multiple areas for improvement that were sure to be issues for […]

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  • The 5 habits of Successful Brokers

    THE 5 HABITS OF SUCCESSFUL BROKERS in General Business Brokerage, Working With Buyers, Working With Sellers by No matter which stage of your career you’re at, you’ll know that being a successful broker needs more than just adding yourself to various service directories and websites, and letting the money roll in. These are five habits you will find ingrained […]

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  • Valuing the Business – SDE vs EBITDA

    Valuing the Business – SDE vs EBITDA The value of the small business is mostly determined by the cash flow (business brokers use the term “Seller’s Discretionary Earnings” instead to be more accurate). In this article we will explain what that is, along with the differences in SDE vs EBITDA. Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE) is […]

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  • Components of a CBR – Dale Shepherd

    What are the elements of a CBR? Confidentiality Notice Market Demographics Purpose & Disclaimers Vendors Executive Summary Customers Company Strengths Competition Company History Growth Opportunities Marketing Strategies Reason For Sale Processes Price & Terms Personnel Business Financials Facilities Pro Forma Financials Industry Summary Appendix + Pictures What is the content of a CBR Executive Summary? […]

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