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Manufacturing Businesses


IDNameAsking PriceStateLink
3679Dealer of waste materials for recycling Spain$750,000-1View Listing
3678Recycling & Shredding Management Plant SPAIN$674,000FLView Listing
3677Brewery equipment for sale Spain$65,000FLView Listing
3659Firearm Parts, Jewelry & Medical Device CNC precision manufacturers with IP$799,000FLView Listing
3633High return partnership electronic factory Spain$122,000FLView Listing
3597Plastic waste logistic business in SPAIN$180,565FLView Listing
3547Sold Craft Beer Brewery International Awards$250,000FLView Listing
3546Manufacturer of Vitamins and Supplements SOLD$750,000FLView Listing
3440Metal processing industry currently off market$10,762,000FLView Listing