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  • Bart Bevoni
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    Bart is the owner-operator of the Dallas Fort Worth office of Capital Business Solutions (CBS), a leading full service business brokerage firm. Bart has over 10 years entrepreneurial experience, most recently as a FedEx contractor.

    He now blends his experiences to help guide others through the many choices to be made between the initial decision to sell a business and the final close of a transaction.

    He is committed to acting in the best interest of the client to ensure a fair and successful transition for both buyer and seller.
    50: Texas — Dallas Fort Worth




  • Agent’s Listing

    IDNameAsking PriceStateLink
    3724FedEx 10 truck P&D with 2 managers in Maryland $900,000MDView
    3714FedEx 11 truck P&D with 2 managers in Houston area $1,200,000TXView
    3702FedEx 16 truck P&D opportunity with managers in San Antonio $1,575,000TXView
    3705FedEx Line Haul with 2 tractors in North Carolina **ON HOLD** $650,000NCView
    3729FedEx P&D 20 truck operation Dallas $2,400,000TXView
    3713FedEx P&D in Houston Area $1,000,000TXView
    3723FedEx P&D with 11 trucks in DFW $950,000TXView