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    Amanda Bryant
    Business Broker
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    Amanda Bryant is a certified Business Broker and a Licensed Real Estate agent. She has over 22 years of experience in the financial industry assisting with acquisitions, customer and merchant services and sales and marketing management.

    901- 861-4668
    57: Tennessee — Memphis Metro Area




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    IDNameAsking PriceStateLink
    3585FedEx Home & Ground .. Boston MA$850,000MAView
    3510FedEx Home & Ground Delivery … Philly Metro Area$599,000PAView
    3628FedEx Line Haul$220,000MSView
    3613FedEx Line Haul .. Philadelphia PA Metro Area$650,000PAView
    3560FedEx Line Haul .. Memphis Metro Area$1,500,000TNView
    3588FedEx Line Haul .. NOKY$1,300,000KYView
    3598FedEx Line Haul .. NOKY$200,000KYView
    3556FedEx Line Haul .. Philadelphia Metro Area$230,000PAView
    3555FedEx Line Haul .. Philadelphia Metro Area$550,000PAView
    3525FedEx Line Haul .. Philadelphia Metro Area$330,000PAView
    3641FedEx P&D .. 14 Routes$1,300,000TNView
    3647FedEx P&D .. Arkansas$350,000ARView
    3629FedEx P&D .. Cape Cod Area$1,000,000MAView
    3644FedEx P&D .. Indiana$325,000INView
    3632FedEx P&D .. West San Antonio TX$250,000TXView
    3584FedEx P&D Cape Cod$85,000MAView
    3655FedEx P&D for Sale$250,000TXView
    3611FedEx P&D Routes .. Tennessee$700,000TNView
    3526Medical Aesthetics$100,000TNView
    3566Television Station$82,000MSView
    3499Well Established Dirt & Backhoe Business$250,000TNView