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Listing Number: 3709

Summary - Plastic & paper recycling Spain

A company in a strategic location and with a team of experts with quantities of waste available. We are searching for an investor partner. Our company manufactures plastic pellets, using plastic waste (mainly film) and paper sludge (cellulose)from waste as raw material. In addition, separating the different types of film in order to achieve a higher quality transparent product with a higher sale price in the market. Contract in place with paper factory. We potentially receive 28,000 tons of plastic and 8,000 tons of transitory plastic for storage; and then, process all these quantities and produce 7,000MT at the beginning of the activity and to reach our goal of 15,000MT of pellets ready for commercialization in the following years. Product specialization, Immediate income generation,Innovation capacity and adaptation. The company is fairly new. With NDA we will send Business Plan. The price indicated is the investment needed to grow in exchange for participation in the results.

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Maria Rubio

Maria Rubio
Business Intermediary Specialist

Phone: +34 640248685

  • Category: Electric, Gas, Water, Sanitary Services
  • Sub-Category:
  • Asking Price: $450,000
  • Gross Sales: $0
  • Cash Flow: $0
  • County: MADRID
  • Area: Madrid Spain
  • FFE: $500,000
  • Inventory: $550,000
  • Real Estate: $0
  • Employees: 5 - Full-Time 0 - Part-Time
  • Facilities: A warehouse and the machinery for the recycling of the plastic and the paper.
  • Relocatable? No
  • Home Based? No
  • Market Notes: The recycling sector is booming right now and is supported by the government. Tons of paper with fied contract from Paper company in the area.
    Future sector, institutional support; favorable trend in the market; little current competition; internationalization possibility.
  • Growth Notes: This is a new project. In spite of Covid, the company has reached its initial goals. Please ask for a Confidential Memorandum or Business Plan.
    New partner needed for growth to purchase equipment to develop the final product (dry paper). Growth is guaranteed since there are contracts in place for the end product. With a strong partner the company could purchase the needed machines to separate the paper from the plastic. New legislation about reusing paper and plastica makes this venture safe.
  • Support Training: Yes.
  • Year Established: 2020
  • Financing Terms: No
  • Reason for Selling: Selling shares
  • Inventory Included: Yes
  • Is Franchise Yes
  • Lender Prequalified No
  • Absentee Owner No
  • Selling Financing? No
  • Is FEE Included? Yes