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  • Amanda Bryant
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    Amanda Bryant is a certified Business Broker and a Licensed Real Estate agent. She has over 22 years of experience in the financial industry assisting with acquisitions, customer and merchant services and sales and marketing management.

    901- 861-4668
    57: Tennessee — Memphis Metro Area




  • Agent’s Listing

    IDNameAsking PriceStateLink
    3526Medical Aesthetics $100,000TNView
    3525FedEx Line Haul $330,000PAView
    3510FedEx Home & Ground Delivery $599,000PAView
    3371FedEx Line Haul 4 Runs $1,025,000TNView
    3108FedEx Ground Routes….Excellent Price!! $175,000ARView
    3240Well Established Profitable Restaurant!! $149,000TNView
    3219Cleaning Service…Profitable & Award Winning $85,000TNView
    3419FedEx Line Haul Memphis TN Metro Area $3,000,000TNView
    3415FedEx Line Haul – 4 Runs $515,000KYView
    3400FedEx Line Haul -15 Runs in Kentucky $1,965,000KYView
    3434FedEx Home & Ground Delivery 100% Overlap $285,000MSView
    3426FedEx Line Haul .. 2 Runs $269,000VAView
    3514FedEx Line Haul … 2 Dedicated Runs $425,000MSView
    3447FedEx Home & Ground Delivery $360,000OHView
    3443FedEx P&D 12 routes $325,000MAView
    3460FedEx Line Haul $275,000MAView
    3499Well Established Dirt & Backhoe Business $250,000TNView