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  • Amanda Bryant
    Business Broker
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    Amanda Bryant is a certified Business Broker and a Licensed Real Estate agent. She has over 22 years of experience in the financial industry assisting with acquisitions, customer and merchant services and sales and marketing management.

    57: Tennessee — Memphis Metro Area




  • Agent’s Listing

    IDNameAsking PriceStateLink
    3674Fed Ex P&D … Houston TX …. ON HOLD $800,000TXView
    3711FedEx Line Haul $935,000TNView
    3720FedEx Line Haul .. NE Pennsylvania $580,000PAView
    3736FedEx Line Haul TN $1,019,998TNView
    3641FedEx P&D .. 14 Routes $1,300,000TNView
    3629FedEx P&D .. Cape Cod Area $1,000,000MAView
    3668FedEx P&D .. Indiana…ON HOLD $1,325,000INView
    3685FedEx P&D .. Michigan $550,000MIView
    3754FedEx P&D … North Carolina $575,000NCView
    3728FedEx P&D Arkansas .. 10 Routes $528,500ARView
    3727FedEx P&D Arkansas .. 11 Routes $581,000ARView
    3748FedEx P&D Detroit Metro Area $425,000MIView
    3752FedEx P&D Memphis Metro $300,000TNView
    3667FedEx P&D Routes .. North Carolina $525,000NCView
    3611FedEx P&D Routes .. Tennessee $700,000TNView